Innovative wound management for veterinary!

  • > 99 % pure collagen of porcine origin
  • Easy to shape or cut to size of wound
  • Absorbs large amounts of exsudate
  • Supporting haemostasis
  • Creates a moist wound enviroment by forming a gel
  • Reduces the pH value in the wound milieu
  • Low immunogenicity
  • Completely absorbed
  • Accelerates sustainable epithelialisation
  • Strong capillary action by porous structure
  • Promotes the formation of natural collagen

Promotes all three phases of wound healing

Schematische Darstellung Stammzellaufbereitung

1. Inflammatory phase:

VetColl© absorbs existing exudate and forms a layer of gel, absorbing antihealing factors and ensuring the wound environment is moist.

2. Proliferative / granulation phase:

VetColl© promotes increased migration of fibroblasts and macrophages, supporting the formation of natural collagen.

3. Remodelling / epihtelialisation phase:

VetColl© accelerates the proliferation and migration of the epithelial cells, making the wound close faster.


  • Wound cavities
  • Chronic wounds
  • State following mesh graft transplantation
  • Surgial tissue defects
  • Burns and scalds

Advantages of VetColl

  • Easy to use
  • Safe to apply
  • Does not have an unpleasant natrual odour
  • Compleatly absorbed
  • Does not stick to wound bed
  • High compatibility
  • Painless dressing changes

Examples in the application

Picture 1 Picture 2 patient: Thoroughbred, Female, 4 years old

picture 1
Nerotic skin wound measuring approximately 3.5cm x 3cm, moderate exudate and antihealing
picture 2
wound after 26 days

therapy: Treatment involved, lavage, VetColl© on the wound and bandage change every 2-3 days depending on the extent of exudate
Picture 1 Picture 2 patient: tinker, 1 month old

picture 1
Injury to the lateral metatarsal area measuring approximately 10cm x 4cm. There is an area of exposed bone approximately 4cm x 1cm. The wound had become chronic, moderate exudate and antihealing
picture 2
condition of wound after 10 days

therapy: lavage, VetColl© on the site of wound, bandage change every 3 days